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Why is everyone talking about CBG?

CBG Oil Brighton UK

CBG is a new and exciting product in the wellness market, but many people don’t know what it does or how it could potentially help them on their journey to wellness.   Most people are familiar with cannabis and the medicinal uses it has as well as the psychoactive properties which cause intoxication. Removing the […]

Is CBD the future of wellness?

CBG Oil Brighton UK

CBD has become a well-known term in the last few years. The product’s meteoric rise to fame seems surprising, but when you dismantle the spectrum of abilities the compound has it makes complete sense. CBD essentially taps into many of the health benefits that cannabis offers, while removing its negative intoxicating abilities by isolating and […]

4 ways CBG could benefit you

CBG Oil Brighton UK

CBG is much like its son/daughter CBD. The primary difference between the two is the rarity of CBG, making it much harder to harvest from the Cannabis plant. CBG won’t get you high, but it could possibly help you tackle an array of problems you’re experiencing every day. Adding CBG to your self-care routine could […]