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4 ways CBG could benefit you

CBG is much like its son/daughter CBD. The primary difference between the two is the rarity of CBG, making it much harder to harvest from the Cannabis plant. CBG won’t get you high, but it could possibly help you tackle an array of problems you’re experiencing every day. Adding CBG to your self-care routine could help you improve your life in ways you could never expect:


Mental Wellbeing

Like CBD, CBG is believed to have properties that could naturally treat some symptoms of depression and anxiety. In the UK, 1 in 6 people report their experiences of mental health problems like these every week, but traditional medication often comes with a list of uncomfortable side effects such as weight gain and drowsiness. As we come out of collective isolation and feel the aftershocks on our mental wellbeing, CBG could be used to face these common issues in a more natural and holistic way.



Although this might not sound very glamorous, research has shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBG could help aid inflammatory symptoms related to a range of chronic illnesses, such as bowel diseases. In the UK 620,000 people suffer from inflammatory bowel disease and this chronic illness is on the rise – especially in young people. Increasing knowledge of the properties of CBG suggests that it could be an effective yet natural treatment for symptoms of IBD.



As many people know too well, cancer can not only erode a person’s physical health but also their mental wellbeing. CBG has shown some potential properties which may reduce the rate of growth and spread of cancerous cells. This could mean that further medical intervention combined with the use of CBG may improve cancer treatment.


Appetite Loss

Appetite loss is an extremely common side effect of many medications and ailments, including cancer and HIV. A healthy and nutritious diet is essential to any form of bodily healing, and chemicals within CBG have been shown to potentially stimulate appetite. This could increase well-being by encouraging a regular appetite and naturally facilitating healthy eating habits. Regaining appetite could also help symptoms associated with depression and eating disorders as well as generally helping people to rediscover the joys of food.



Cannabis is used to successfully treat glaucoma and CBG has shown some evidence of being responsible for this, however many people’s lifestyles prevent them from being able to enjoy the benefits of this natural remedy due to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Through isolating the CBG compound, all the medical benefits of the plant could be experienced without the wider impact on lifestyle.


Although further research is required to discover the full abilities of CBG, preliminary research has shown many unique and effective properties which can potentially help thousands of people across the country maximise their experience and general wellbeing.

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