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Why is everyone talking about CBG?

CBG is a new and exciting product in the wellness market, but many people don’t know what it does or how it could potentially help them on their journey to wellness.


Most people are familiar with cannabis and the medicinal uses it has as well as the psychoactive properties which cause intoxication. Removing the cannabinoid THC (the part which causes intoxication) from cannabis leaves CBG (Cannabigerol) a chemical within the cannabis plant.


CBG has been shown by studies to treat several symptoms related to an array of illnesses and ailments in a completely natural way.


What Is The Difference Between CBD And CBG?

The most common cannabinoid currently used within the wellness sector is CBD. The difference between CBD and CBG is the availability of the compound – CBG is much harder to find and harvest, as it is only 1 in 100 cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. There is some evidence, however, that CBG interacts more directly with certain receptors in the brain than CBD, which could mean it is more effective and therefore worth the extra effort.


What Could CBG Do?

  • There is evidence that CBG could be used as a natural remedy, treating symptoms of a wide array of ailments and illnesses, as well as being generally beneficial to mental and physical wellbeing.
  • CBG, like its brother CBD, is believed to have properties that could reduce major symptoms of anxiety and depression, which 1 in 6 people reportedly experience every week.
  • It is thought to potentially have some anti-inflammatory properties, so could be used to treat symptoms of chronic illness such as IBD, as well as properties that could be used to treat glaucoma and cancer.


Sounds Like A Miracle, Right?

Well, it doesn’t stop there – CBG has also been shown to possibly aid in appetite, unlike CBD. This could not only help treat the loss of appetite experienced by those with cancer or HIV but also tackle a major symptom of depression. Without a healthy and fulfilling diet, the human body takes longer to heal, and this natural product could help with laying the essential foundation for further and greater healing.


The medicinal benefits of cannabis have been known for centuries but only now, together with modern science, we are unveiling the true benefits of this plant while simultaneously making its consumption safer and less disruptive to our high-intensity lifestyles. Everyone is talking about CBG now because with further research and knowledge, we are seeing the natural and healthy benefits and potential of this compound in a huge spectrum of wellness sectors.

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